Aristotel Dascal | Aristotel Dascal | Performance Coaching and Business Consulting
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The coach that fills the gap between LIFE and DREAMS


Sense that you belong to your family and friends.


Experience the beauty and abundance.


Discover your talents and what matters for you.


Test the power of making a difference.



Up to a point most of us float though life. The sporadic goals are swollen by the day to day distractions, urgent things and immediate satisfaction.


I help people define their purpose in life, discover their dreams
and take control of their happiness.


Only knowing the ultimate desire of your life you can see the pieces that turn it to reality and have the motivation to build your ideal life.


Using the right tools and scientifically proven techniques this becomes the most exciting journey!

I accept people as they are,

I value their uniqueness

I find ways to improve their lives.


That’s how I love.

The life coach for the people that never had one


In our sessions we go over what happiness truly is, what basic needs every person has
and honestly evaluate how fulfilled you are.


We’ll also discover together the skills and talents that you have or wish to improve so that your daily job
and activities transform into a beautiful part of life beyond a financial support.


I’ll be there for you to help defining goals and follow through, to enrich your body, mind and soul
and achieve your most intimate purpose.