Aristotel Dascal | Am I the right coach for you?
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Am I the right coach for you?

Are we a good fit? If you think we are, call me now: (778) 714-8339.

People have had various experiences with coaches. For some people it’s a pleasant surprise hearing what I do, some find it noble and at the same time, other people seem to think of coaches as “blah-blah, not-worth-paying-for motivational quotes promoters”.

We’ll make unbelievable
changes in your life if…


You feel you can accomplish way more that you did by now.
You feel blocked in making a better life for yourself
You feel blocked in making some important lifestyle changes
You have decided to achieve an important goal and need guidance
You feel unsuccessful or unhappy
You need a restart in your life
You feel alone and in need for meaningful relationships
You’re blocked in getting your business off the ground
You feel you work a lot but don’t really enjoy the life

It’s not the best fit if …


You are not committed to improving your life
You don’t accept that sometimes you’re just wrong – we all are
You want someone to brag about how great you are
You want a coach just to talk your heart out
You want a consultant to advise you in a specific expertise
You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone
You need a medical doctor or psychiatrist for a specific
You think people hate you for no reason – there’s always a good reason.