Aristotel Dascal | Loving Your Crazy Life – The Bad Part (1)
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Loving Your Crazy Life – The Bad Part (1)


08 May Loving Your Crazy Life – The Bad Part (1)

I hear the phone alarm. I wake up, prepare for the day very fast, make myself sexy, dress-up and drink my big glass of water with added Iodine. I wake up Seth, get him dressed, have him use the restroom, struggle to wash his hands after using the toilet and help him wash his teeth. Lately he wants no breakfast. I take him to Dia, our cousin that’s taking Seth together with her kids to school, and he’d gone.

seth-preparing-for-schoolI take my folding bike from the car trunk, and ride it to the train. Because tt’s folding I’m allowed to take it on the train, I get down at the last station, get back on the bike and ride it to the office. I have to get in early, so I can leave early, in time to take over the kids,  so Rebeca can get to school. We have about 10 minutes of “fast and furious” switch.

I get the status on Odette’s feeding, prepare her up to take her out, take all her stuff, a big bag, her stroller, her food, my laptop, and make a sandwich for me cause I’m starving.  Seth is screaming louder and louder that he wants out with the kids. He started it before me leaving the office, when Rebeca, exhausted put him on the phone saying she’s desperate for me to get home.

I unleash Seth out.

It’s like a shuttle launching from a spaceship. Time stands still for a few seconds. Odette is screaming

seth-outsidebecause she’s hot, being dressed up while I was preparing her stuff. I get it all, get out with her too.

We’re out. For about  an hour and a half…

I let Seth know he has 5 more minutes. He understands. “Ok, time’s up, let’s go Seth!” Crying, screaming, kicking, smiling, kissing, screaming, crying.

We’re inside now.

Seth is dirty, very dirty, I take his pants off, but can’t yet give him a bath cause he’s hungry. I prepare him something, meanwhile he repeats 10 times “I want milk”. I tell him to wait. Useless. It’s repeating that like a machine until I give it to him. Jumps up and down, eats, jumps up and down, spills food, jumps up and down, “thank you daddy”.


I take him to play in the bathtub. Odette is screaming for food. I start feeding her, and Seth screams he wants me to see him play. I take Odette, her feeding table and food in the bathroom.

Imagine, we’re all in there.

seth-odette-sleepingOdette is done eating, I clean-up Seth and then I give a bath to Odette too. Story time, then thank you time, then snoring time. All 3 of us, in Seth’s bed. I wake up after about 10-20 minutes. I clean up the house, that by this time looks like a … house full of cloths, toys and other random objects laying all over the place. I prepare Seth’s lunch and snack for the next day. Last but not least … dishes time. Sometimes I watch a documentary while doing it. It’s about 10.15 now. Rebeca will get home from her fashion school in about 15 minutes. I have been writing this for about 20 minutes.

Is there any meaning, happiness, purpose, satisfaction throughout a normal day, like this? Not long term, not “this is just for a while”, but actually in the middle of all this madness? Is there anything that makes me say at the end of this day that I loved this day, that I love my life?

I know your day may look like mine a lot so what’s the answer to these questions for you? I’ll try to put mine into words and write about it next. Soon.


PS. Rebeca’s day is way, way, WAY worse. Thanks for hanging in baby, don’t know how you do it …


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