Aristotel Dascal | I saw a woman falling down and continued running
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I saw a woman falling down and continued running


30 Jan I saw a woman falling down and continued running

The other day I was running on a trail and saw in front of me two women and a bit ahead of them two men, probably their husbands. As I just passed by the women, one of them tripped and fell down. She must have been in her sixties, so I tun around a bit concerned, but she seemed OK. I passes by their husbands as they were on their way back and they seemed, of course, a bit concerned. I didn’t stop … I was thinking she’s OK and the guys would take care of her if she wasn’t.

But as I continued running I realized that she must have been a bit scared, maybe worried, especially considering her age, even if she turned out to be OK after all. So I thought to myself that even if she was OK  she must have needed emotionally to know that people care about her.

Maybe it’s just me, but trying to be an effective person and optimize things around me, I always think about the basic needs of people, and try to help them in that no matter what. But it might be the case that we need even more to know that people care about us than we need to be OK and healthy.

So I regretted not showing her that I was concerned, that I cared if she is hurt. As I was turning back I saw her from a distance, and said to myself that if I, a stranger, stop and ask her if she is OK, her expression will confirm my dilemma. So I stopped when I got close to her, and asked her if she was OK, and that I saw her falling down. She was stunned! And excited to tell me that yes, she was fine, and that it was so kind of me to ask her. And her friend was smiling and was impressed. I think actually she helped me more, as she opened my eyes and gave me the chance to care.

Yes, knowing that a stranger cares for us makes a difference, and any friendly conversation meant to transmit that is fulfilling a basic need of ours, that is on both sides, in both people. The need to love and to be loved. To care and to be cared for.

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