Aristotel Dascal | Loving Your Crazy Life – The Good Part (2)
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Loving Your Crazy Life – The Good Part (2)

aris and odette at the beach

21 May Loving Your Crazy Life – The Good Part (2)

If you didn’t have the chance to read yet the PART 1 OF THIS POST, I encourage you to go ahead and read that first. Even if you did, do it again please, as in this article I will tell the story of the same usual day but lived with a different focus.

I wake up around 7, with Odette’s baby hands and feet on my face, a smooth skin, touch and innocence that I want to freeze forever in my mind. I look at my wife sleeping, probably exhausted after going to bed around 2am, and I’m thinking about how can I help her today in a way that she needs me to, not with solutions that are easy for me to roll. I go to Seth’s room and wrap my arms around his warm body, I looks at his lips, his eye lines and I adore him, take a long breath and see myself in him, my dreams of joy, passion for life, laughter and energy. I feel like I live through him, and I know that he will be my true legacy.

His morning moodiness just makes me smile thinking about how much he’s been shaping my patience and helped me eliminate stress in my life, giving into love and sacrifice.

My commute time is my power time. I am so happy to have 2 hours a day for a bit of bike exercise while listening to tunes that lift my spirit or starts my day with serenity and nature. While on the train I read the last updated notes on my life’s purpose, goals, actions, I pay attention to my overall state of mind and correct it if needed, I read through my affirmation, “my skills” list and “my improvements” list. And I am happy.

I am happy because I feel successful. And I am successful because I know what I want from my life, I have an action plan and I am doing every day something to be better in every area of my life.

My work place is where I truly get out  of my comfort zone and strive to improve other people’s life and businesses, on deadlines and facing measurable objectives. I like to face brand new challenges and grow from unexpected circumstances. I’m excited to get to know people and hear new personal and business stories.

On my commute back  I skim through my long term goals again, and make silence to allow ideas pour into my mind, I dump them on a dedicated digital note on my phone and start reading some pre-curated news in the areas I’m interested to grow my business. I like being up to date with the most trendy business ideas, market movements and technology products. It’s part of the whole continuous improvement and effectiveness increase that my life is all about.

Probably the most intense emotional time for me is when I get home and in a few minutes before Rebeca leaves to school I try to find out how was her day way, how’s she feeling, listen to her, compliment her, put a smile on her face. We are in love in this crazy day. And I’m so happy to know I love someone with all my heart and that she loves me for whom I truly am.

The next one or two hours are the most mentally relaxing of the day, looking out for Seth and Odette, play with them,  have the night routine…  It’s being with them, talking and interacting with them that makes me feel so alive, in the moment, and rich. My example and words are going to shape their life so I choose to have patience, to laugh and make it a great time for them.  And God… it is such a pleasant time for me too! I want them to wake up protected, loved and happy, and go to bed in the same way, no matter what they did, if they were naughty or well behaved, dirty or clean, whiny or happy.

When Rebeca comes back from school we catch-up. She continually makes me a better person, many times having me shut down my laptop to focus on us. So we go to sleep and I ask myself one more time … Did I manage to protect, love and make my family happy? Yes, we control our life which is a fabulous adventure, and I’m happy with myself because today I shaped a bit more my life legacy.

Did this sound soapy enough? Cause that’s the story of the feelings one would have, of the quite emotions that rise in a crazy, loud, cluttered day. Take the time to listen to your heart cause it’s our heart that’s driving our most deep needs to create goals and take charge of our life.

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