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I started thinking about all that is good and beautiful in (my) life. But I didn't feel like thinking much, putting together sentences,
introspection, silence, words, happiness
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The best words


21 Oct The best words

I spent today home only with Odette while Rebeca took Seth and Summer to a very special miniature city for kids called Kidtropolis.

She told me a while ago about this great TV show called “This Is Us” and I remember seeing her very emotional when watching it. So today I binged through almost the whole Season 1 on Netflix. Very impressive TV show, so different from most ones nowadays. It’s intense, emotional, human, and it’s matches very well the feelings, desires and thoughts I’ve been having lately.

Watching it reminded me about my core values and beliefs so I decided to start sharing them with everyone writing on this blog. I will return to “This Is Us” some other time. What I wanted to write about now, is that tonight I did something new to change my state from a slightly depressed, concerned one, into a happy, positive one.

Having spent all day indoor (with Odette, TV binging and covering from the rain outside) I had to go out, late in the evening for a long walk. I started thinking about all that is good and beautiful in (my) life. But I didn’t feel like thinking much, putting together sentences, so I started just saying words that came to my mind, words that instantly made me visualize something that made me feel good, happy.

Kids, love, sacrifice, party, fun, sky, green, Rebeca, contribution, friends, happy, sharing, smile, joy, running, ocean, beach, laughter, friends, vacation, food, Christmas, my mom, energy, power, light, lake, gifts, giving, beautiful, extraordinary, mind, silence, singing, games … and much more.

I found myself repeating certain words, but I was filled with an abundance of happiness and memories of what is good and beautiful in life, and many ideas started coming to my mind. It turned into a time of introspection, of silence, proactively allowing my heart and brain to explore feelings and thoughts, instead of reacting to the usual external noise, that keeps us slaves to the addictive instant gratification of scrolling screens and stripping the days of the meaning of life, living by inertia.

Try it now for one minute, please. Just say words that describe something that makes you feel good, happy. Enjoy the memories, the feelings they bring, let your mind wander and listen to it.

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