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"Aristotel has proven himself to be one of the most dedicated, organized and engaged colleagues that I have had the opportunity to work with. His loyalty and personable manner has certainly left an impression on me as I have come to know him over the last two years. I have no doubt that Aris would be a valuable asset, and can recommend him without hesitation."

Robert Whiteside

"Aristotel is one of the most versatile and accomplished people I’ve ever worked with. He brings together passion for people and technology, understands and always measures customer pains and company bottom line. Very strategic manager and great teacher, inspires and holds team accountable. Takes on complex initiatives and implements flawlessly, very personable and kind, emotionally mature and humble."

Zhenya Beck
Founder @

"Aristotel is a pure pleasure to work with. He's organized, analytical, easy-going, and openly communicative. I constantly admire his passion and his drive to ensure success for everyone and everything around him. I'm so glad we work together, and he's a valuable addition to any team."

Rena Young
Engineering Director @

"Aristotel is a very talented professional. I worked with Aristotel very closely in a large Enterprise solution deployment and operational activities. His attention to detail, his everyday skills played a vital role in the success of our Project. Aristotel was always ready to take on a new task small or large and could always be counted on."

Sanjay Dharmaraj
Product Manager @ Evalon

"I had the privilege of working with Aristotel Dascal on a couple of IT projects. He was a fantastic person to work with, cares for the company values, his knowledge is vast and thorough. His technical and project management skills are always focused on satisfying customers. Is able to play any role you need in any IT project."

Gordon Waldie
Program Manager @ Microsoft

"Aristotel is the best manager I had the pleasure of working with. He managed to improve all processes that were used on the team and brought the members of the team closer together. He made us realize the importance of developing and improving processes to improve productivity. Aristotel always motivated us to better communicate with each other and with the clients."

Alexandru Ietcu
Sr. Software Engineer @ Ullink

Frequent symptoms

Low ProductivityLow productivity

Teams delivering small amount of features, no loyalty to company culture, lack of business enthusiasm, manual repetitive tasks.​

Low Customer Traction

Dissatisfied customers, lack of product vision or market direction, lack of customer engagement, overwhelmed by competition.​

High Internal Cost

Long ramp-up time for new members, low communication amongst team members, and departments.​

Your people come firstSet them up for success


Gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, unlock more of your potential.


Know where you fit in the context around you and make sure everyone else knows too.


Get stuff done better and faster using the best productivity tweaks.


Discover how your day-to-day work gives meaning to your life and improves the lives of those around you.

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Project management

Manage strategic projects against an important timeline.

software engineering manager

Build and manage a strong development team with best processes.

Agile transformation coach

Adopt Agile concepts for your engineering and other departments.

product manager

Define your customer, competitors and build a feature based roadmap.

director of operations

Build processes and best practices that allow staff to get stuff done.

Get measurable results

Increase number of story points

Decrease number of bugs

Lower time for support tickets

Release sooner

Get at least

1 %


Develop faster

Lower cost

Increase revenue

New revenue streams

Unblocking your businessAreas that I'm working on


Work together well planned, having visibility and support.


Understand how success looks like for you, break it down in pieces and measure it.


Get help when you need to achieve important deadlines and milestones.


Scale your operations and stop wasting time.

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